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Sonny Sonny

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That game was superb. Truly. The gameplay and story was amazingly well thought up of and, later on in the story, you were actually required to be strategic! Especially against the Paladin.. damn he was hard! The Baron was a piece of cake compared to him. And then the extra level...

Which reminds me. I didn't play the game before you made all those updates, so I'm not exactly sure how "slow"battles were previously, but the battles in the Extra Area are kinda slow. The blue circle slowly fills up. I'm not sure if you forgot to fix this or it was purposely done (mind you, I actually only played the "Special Training" level there before coming to write this review, so I'm not sure if the others are fixed or not). It was kind of annoying waiting for it to tinker along.

Other than that everything was good! Sound was good, visual effects, etc. Good work! I'm hopin' for the rest of the game soon!

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